2019 Presidential election

This coming Saturday is the D-Day for our Presidential election. Kindly go out to vote. The Facebook, WhatsApp or other social media voting will not count and cannot produce any President for Nigeria. Go to your polling unit and cast your vote according to your conscience. Your vote will surely count. Be optimistic and not pessimistic about it. Any eligible voter should know what good governance is all about as well as bad governance. Nigeria of yesterday is not the same as Nigeria of today. It is our country no matter the challenges we are facing, and we have no other country than Nigeria.
Please do not go there to fight for or with anyone. If you kill yourself or carelessly allow people to kill you because of a politician who may not have any direct contact you after the election, then you will be buried and forgotten. 
If you do not vote, you have no reason to complain about bad governance because you have the opportunity to install good governance in Nigeria. This is another opportunity for you and I to do it again. May God protect his children from the hands of the evil ones as we go out on Saturday to cast our votes. I trust you and I love you all.  




His Eminence, John Cardinal O. Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja is 75 years old today, 29th January, 2019. He is my own Archbishop. He admitted me into the  Archdiocese of Abuja to be trained as a priest. He sponsored and encouraged me throughout my priestly formation. He ordained me a priest on 12 August, 2006. Having done the second half of my pastoral year in his house as a seminarian, I had the privilege of experiencing him at a very close range. After the experience, I concluded that my Archbishop is no doubt a distinguished human being.  The Cardinal's qualities worth mentioning: he is a humble father who is  ever ready to listen anyone; very hardworking, simple and prayerful. He hardly omits his morning and evening prayer as well as daily Masses, no matter the workload. In his dictionary, there is no phrase as: "I am resting" or to hear someone respond to any telephone caller that "Archbishop is resting". Whenever he heard me used this phrase while answering a call, he would quickly respond: "I am not resting". He reads and writes day and night, a quality which keeps me wondering the kind of person he is. He is a very intelligent man who has an answer to every question. He speaks the truth but avoids hurting people. He has a good memory. He remembers things and persons he has encountered in life irrespective of the years and the places. He cares about  his priests irrespective of where the person is working or studying. .  One day, I visited him as then pastor of  St. Francis Pegi for a parish pastoral issue, and in his humility and compassion, he said to me: "Fr., why do you have to travel from Pegi to my house over what we can discuss on phone? Just call me on phone whenever you need my attention". It touched me though it is a quality I already know of him. He visited me  and spent two days just to know about my study and living condition. He visited my school. This is a quality very rare to get.

As we celebrate this icon today, kindly join me to say this simple prayer for him: Lord, thank you the life of John Cardinal Onaiyekan. Lord, thank you for the gift of your son to the Church and humanity. As he celebrates his 75th birthday today, may you bless him more with good health of mind and body.  I trust you and I love you all.

Rev. Fr. Christopher Nnubia

The Nigeria Catholic Priests Discourse Forum

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Political corruption

Political corruption is more dangerous than economic corruption - Mike Agbedor Abu Ozekhome, SAN

New Year 2018 Message

You need not to doubt it. It is a fact that we are in 2018. To God be the Glory. HAPPY NEW YEAR. As you rejoice, remember that it is plus one and minus one. My wish for you is "May God's will be done in your life". I trust you and I love you all.

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